Creative Photography Tips – Exploit Your Lensbaby Lenses For Superbly Creative Photography Shots

What are Lensbaby Lenses? These are camera lenses for photographers who lacks the cash to purchase a top professional lens. The Lensbabies system has the potential to produce great photography results. The Lensbaby lenses are alternatives that are not to be missed! Lensbaby lenses are cheap and fun substitutes.This article will reveal just how any photographer can obtain absolutely stunning photography effects with the entry-level Muse from the Lensbabies system. This is a gadget that is indeed essential to photographers who are into creative photography.Creative Photography Tips #1 – What Is A Lens Baby?Lensbaby lenses are simply cheap plastic optics that are attached onto movable bellows. They have fixed apertures. What a lens baby does is that it creates dreamy effects.When photographers use Lensbaby lenses, the results of the photographs will not be pin-sharp ones. Nonetheless, whatever is lost in the sharpness of the image, there will be more gains in terms of quirkiness.Creative Photography Tips #2 – Slightly Angle The LensWhen it comes to focusing, photographers will normally find the need to squeeze and pull on the lenses to be tricky. Try to angle it slightly so that it gives creative outcomes, yet unpredictable results that have blurred edges. It is somewhat similar to a tilt-and-shift lens that is cheap.Creative Photography Tips #3 – About The ExposureSince the aperture is fixed, it will not be recognized by the metering system. Hence, photographers are required to shoot in Manual mode.To grasp hold of a good exposure, make use of the histogram. Take a preview through the viewfinder. Squeeze and pull the lens to get yourself a cool effect.Creative Photography Tips #4 – Other AccessoriesThere is a whole range of Lensbaby products that offer high quality and control, quite a number of these Lensbaby lenses are better than the ‘Muse’ we talked about in this blog post. There are plenty other accessories such as the Fisheye, Pinhole adapters and soft focus.

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